Here are the current wholesale requirements:
  • Be an active registered business or reseller
  • Have a Reseller's License, Federal Tax ID (TIN), or Resale Permit Number
  • Meet MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) requirements*
*Note: MOQ varies depending on the specific product 

Please be sure to provide the following information below:
  • Business Name
  • Business Industry
  • First and Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Shipping Address
  • Website (optional).

Approved Wholesale Accounts enjoy many exclusive benefits, including:

  • Preferred client processing and excellent sales support
  • Competitive wholesale pricing and case discounts
  • Additional discounts during sales and promotions periods
  • Exclusive access to the VIP Package Perks Reward Points program, created just for our wholesale customers (coming soon!)

I will be in touch with you with pricing and availability as soon as possible! 
Thank You, 
Tierra B.❤️

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